this is a good time to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia

I have done this trip to my clients plan to visit siem reap Cambodia

If you are interesting please drop your text on my email

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Dear Shannon how are things with you? am

The first day tour on 26th March

In the morning we will leave from the hotel at 8:00am than we will buy the temple ticket. One day ticket 20$ per person and three days ticket 40$ per person. After we go to visit the Ta Promh temple, after that we will drive pass the elephant terrace than you can take some pictures on the way also after that we will reach yo the Bayon temple. We will spend our time about an hour there. And than we will go for lunch at the city. Break time at the hotel. Afternoon time at 3:30pm we go to visit the floating village ( do the board trip) and we will come back to the hotel in the evening. That is the one day tour

The next day on 27th March

The second day tour.

In the morning at 8:30 am we will go to visit the angkor Wat. The angkor Wat will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes to visit. After angkor Wat it time for lunch. We can do the lunch at the city or near by the temple. We could discuss later. Than we will have a break time at the hotel again.

Afternoon time we will leave the hotel at 3;00pm

We will continue to visit the Bunteay Srei temple. It is a bit a way from the city. We must drive about an hour to reach that place. The way we come back to the hotel. We still have many temples to visit. So let see your feeling want to visit the other or not.

Evening tine we could to see the apsara show for your dinner. It is a traditional khmer dancer include the dinner.

The last day for you. On 28th March

We could go to visit the Kulen Mountain.

Kulen mountain has three level of waterfall and thousands lingas rivers also a big sleeping Buddha on the top of the mountain.

We will have a lunch time at the mountain near the waterfall.

We leave the mountain at 12:30pm than we will Arrived at the hotel around 2:30pm in the evening we go back to the airport. All tour plans if you don’t like we are flexible to Chang it.

Take care and Best Regards Chou sophal


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